Civil Rights Complaint Process & Form 

If you believe that you have been the victim of a Civil Rights violation and want to file a complaint with the FREDERICKSBURG BRANCH NAACP to have the organization investigate your complaint, you MUST submit a completed Civil Rights Complaint Form.


Here are the sequential actions for submitting a complaint and the FREDERICKSBURG BRANCH NAACP processing steps:

  1. The person making the complaint obtains and completes a Civil Rights Complaint Form. Blank copies are available at

  2. The person making the complaint submits the completed Civil Rights Complaint Form to the FREDERICKSBURG BRANCH NAACP by mailing it to Fredericksburg Branch NAACP, P.O. Box 3071, Fredericksburg, VA 22402.

  3. The FREDERICKSBURG BRANCH NAACP dates and time stamps Civil Rights Complaint Form upon receipt, and transmits it to the FREDERICKSBURG BRANCH NAACP Legal Redress Committee (“LRC”).

  4. The LRC reviews received Civil Rights Complaint Forms for completeness, determines the dynamics of the complaint and potential course(s) of action for the person making the complaint, and ultimately, resolution of the issue.

  5. The LRC contacts the person making the complaint to:

  • Request additional or corroborating information, if needed.

  • Schedule an appointment (see below) with the person making the complaint, if there's sufficient evidence of a wrongdoing or actionable offense.

  • If LRC determines the person making the complaint does NOT have merit for action, or should be referred to a different NAACP Branch, advise him or her of this and the reason(s) why.

6. If LRC interviews the person making the complaint:

  •  LRC conducts the interview, in person or via telephone.

  •  LRC has him or her complete applicable waiver and authorization forms.

  •  LRC determines the best course of action to obtain resolution of the complaint.

7. The LRC pursues recommended course of action, and when necessary, refers the person making the complaint to outside legal counsel.
8. The LRC develops and maintains detailed documentation for each case. All Civil Rights Complaint Form submissions and corroborating information are kept in confidential files by the FREDERICKSBURG BRANCH NAACP.